Face The Future And Your Destiny

It’ been so fantastic not going to work.No crowded bus,No blanked eyes of Boss,No arguing disgusting job with workmates,No sitting in front of a computer like an DiaoS,No anxiety about the unfinished tasks,No overtime working .That’s very Hard to get.Every day i can sleep until wake up naturally,No burn midnight working for some stupid and useless things .

Recently,thest days i use about 30Minutes to look at the index of ShangHai and the stocks i hold.If the prices go upward normally,I will leave it alone.And then go to Library of NanShan.It’s a very ideal place for reading books.Beacause u can alway find a seat and the surroundings are also good.

These days i finished reading How I Made $2,000,000 In the Stock Market By Nicolas Darvas.It’s really a interesting book that u will laugh out in the library.Beacuase in this book u can see yourself who behaviors the same way when trading in the market.Every mistake u made is in this book.I will read it twice or three times ,maybe more. Now i am reading the book named Trading your way to Financial Freedom. I have Finished about two hundred pages .It’s about four hundred pages.This book i regard it as the Holly Bibble In Market.I really appreciate it .

Today i cram onto a bus.Unfortunately,it happens to be the time of after working.The bus is so crowded and I pack a big bag and seize a heavy expresess.I feel so uncomfotable.I see so many people.I asked myself why i am in this place ,on this crowed bus full of strange smells and people pushed me round and round.This is not what i excepted before,now ,neither future.Why i should tolerate this situation.And my father told me that all the people are the same,they always crame onto a bus.Fuck it to death.They are the same,Not Me.I am the Excellent,not Good.

It’s all about the Money.I will work harder and harder ,read more and more books ,practice and practice until I find the Holy Grail in the market. I am Sure I Wlll. And I have confidence in this ambition.

Until I burst into the Market,i find this is a magic,exciting and splendid darkly world ,full of mysteries and dangerous ancients.Eventhough i am always losing money,i still love it. It is very like an exciting game i played before,called WOW.I love this world,and i am very happy and exciting playing this game.Eventhough WOW is a virtual online-game.But i think the happy moments and wonderful memories are true.I have learned a lot from this game just like now i learn very much from the market.Maybe the best experience is that I have learned more of myself by Market.It’s the same.I must fight against a dangerous Gaint and get the fortune or marry the Princeless in the cage.All the things i have to do only by myself .Trust in yourself and follow your heart.Take actions,Never give up until get what you deserve.Beacuse life is hard and miserable.I enjoy this feelings,like a lonely wolf in the snowland,or a hunter flying kites to the Gaint.It’s full of Challenges and Excitement .I think that if life is lack of passion ,then the man was already dead! . In 2015,I will make a try and do my best to triple my capital.I have confidence in this plan.Now I get a litter closer to the half-opened door.I have experience of making money.Now all i have to do is to take advantage of this method and improve it.No perfection,but No shortcomings.